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Games and Tours for gifts, for kids, for communities


If you manage local amenities, trails, gardens, woodlands etc. and want to engage visitors with really educational games and fun tours hosted on the Wilder Wander App, then read on below! 


Are you are looking for some current free games and tours? Note that some games and tours can be private and are developed for events so may not appear on our website. Click here to find information on current public tours and games.



  • GPS, map or clue navigation
  • Suitable for text, image, video and audio delivery
  • Standard tour or gamified with quizzes and tasks for more fun
  • Gamified tours with rewards and points
  • Get feedback and even survey your visitors


  • Use indoors or outdoors in urban or rural areas
  • Preload content for areas with no connectivity
  • Create tours for solo or group visitors
  • iOS and Android
  • Short or long term (good for weekend festivals and permanent tours)


  • Image capture and share
  • Live leader boards for tournaments
  • Social media integration
  • Citizen science functionality
  • Data collection functionality

Benefits of the App

  • A unique gift or party game with treasure hunts and wildlife games
  • Entertaining and engaging for users
  • Increase footfall in key locations for community use
  • No additional resources, users use own devices (iOS or Android)
  • Most importantly, games and tours work offline. All maps and content can be downloaded so games and tours are accessible, even if there is no phone signal!

Other Uses

Why not use the Wilder Wander App for festivals, events,  parties, heritage or open days.

A great tool for school events, team building and citizen science.

Contact us for more details on pricing – info(at)