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Helping you Discover More about Places and People

We do the research so you can Discover More

We are your personal research agency. We work with you on your projects, articles, books, apps or websites. We do the research to help you discover more about people and places.

Do you need content developed? We can deliver that too. We can write your content and develop stories for your audience.

We have decades of research expertise with a global outlook and local knowledge, let us do the research so you can Discover More.

 Going the Last Mile

Are you based abroad? If so, we take you to the places that you can’t reach online. Being based in Ireland, we can easily travel to locations to learn about a place for you. We are your boots on the ground, taking you the last mile.

Opening the Data Treasure Trove

Data is all around us, but it can be hard to access, understand, process and visualise. Even free open-source data can be hard to share in any meaningful way. That’s where we come in. We can access hundreds of datasets on people, places, heritage, biodiversity, history, genealogy, architecture, photography and more. We can find data that you never imagined existed. We open the data treasure trove for you.

Information & Products

We can combine data with on-the-ground research and deliver information in multiple formats for you, including stories, infographics, photography, maps, websites, apps, whatever you need for your work or hobby. We guarantee 100% confidentiality, the information we collect for you is your information, not ours.

Project Examples

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Boots on the Ground

Information Products

Tourism Research

Heritage Research

Market Research

Boots on the Ground

location-based research 

Are you looking to build new hiking trails or map the opportunities in a new area? Let us be your boots on the ground and take you on a journey to where you need to go. See the case study below for an example of the kind of work we can do.

“I need to identify the best locations for new walking trails”

Are you a group involved in developing trails? Do you need new trail locations mapped or landowners identified? We can do the ground work for you. We develop the spatial information you need, combined with support data. Talk to us about opportunities today. 

Information Products

Digital and paper

We develop content and stories and turn them into all sorts of information products from paper products (brochures, flyers, magazines) to digital products (websites, web-apps, mailing lists, newsletters). We can scope out what your audience needs with you and then develop it for you. See the case study below for an example of the kind of work we can do.

“I want to make a website and other promotional products for my business but I am not sure how to do it, can you help?”

Of course we can help! We can advise you on what you need for your website, the content, the technology and how to host the site. We can create social channels for you and link them all up to your website. We can also create the website content and any additional promotional products, such as maps, that you may need. We can manage the whole process on an ongoing basis, or create it so that it’s very easy for you to manage. Just tell us what you need!

Tourism Research

Research and Products

We have worked across Ireland and the UK on tourism and leisure projects with a range of government, business and community groups. From initial market research and surveys to scoping projects and planning for developments, we can do the early work. We can also work with you build content and information for your existing projects. See the case study below for an example of the kind of work we can do.

“I work for a tourism organisation and need some research done on a new opportunity, can you help?”

Yes we can! Let us do the research for you. We can carry out desk and field research, undertake qualitative and quantitative surveys, collect ancillary data and create an overview of the opportunities for you. We can also use spatial analysis to assess the geographical opportunities, looking at potential customers, competitors and other metrics. 

Heritage Research

Localised Research

With access to vast amounts of data, we can create lots of information products for you on your local area over time. We have sources of both text and imagery that we can access to build up a picture of history and heritage in a place that is relevant to you. See the case study below for an example of the kind of work we can do.

“I live abroad and am looking to find out about where my ancestors came from”

Let us do the research for you. Tell us what you know and we will hit the road to gather the information that’s not available online. We can chat to the locals and visit the homesteads, the graveyards, churches and schools where your ancestors would have walked. We can take photos and video especially for you. You can feel the ground beneath your feet and walk in our shoes. Every project is different so chat to us about your requirements.

Market Research

Quantitative and Qualitative Research

From customer and market research to identifying development funding and opportunities, we can do the work for you. Whether you are a start-up or looking for a new market, we will discover the information to help you on your journey. See the case study below for an example of the kind of work we can do.

“I need to develop a business plan and need market research undertaken, can you help?”

Yes we can. Let us do the research for you. We have carried out multiple market research projects looking at all sorts of business activities. If you need facts and figures for your business plan or grant application, we can supply these to you. We can even help you with your business plan so that you are ready to take the next steps.

About Wilder Wander

Discover More

Wilder Wander, founded in 2018, is a small, flexible research, information and product development agency. Partnering with a network of experts, we have a broad range of research and development skills, including market, academic and geospatial research, content writing, grant applications, web/app design and graphic design.

We started Wilder Wander with the aim to unlock free data, that was hard to access, and to turn it into useable information. We have subsequently won a number of awards and created an award-winning discovery app.

Our idea to unlock thousands of databases with millions of pieces of information and enable the general public to see the information in a more user-friendly way, has led us to where we are today. Today, we work for private clients to unlock data and create useful information and products for all sorts of projects. We also work with a number of expert partners across other industries to deliver an end-to-end solution to projects. 

Media, Awards, Clients, Testimonials

Winner ‘START-UP OF THE YEAR’ AT THE WEXFORD BUSINESS AWARDS (2019), SHORTLISTED AT THE ‘BUSINESS AWARDS’ AT THE NATIONAL BIODIVERSITY CONFERENCE (2019), Shortlisted in the Irish ‘Start-up Awards’ (2018), winner at the WIT ‘New Frontiers Showcase’ (2018) Winner TechStars Startup Competition (2018)

thrives on challenges and will always deliver on time and within budget.

AM O'Hagan

“Adept at gathering information …very professional … hopefully get to work with her again in the future.”

A Gannon

has always delivered to the highest standard and I would have no hesitation in recommending

F Bouvet

provided reliable information and did it clearly, accurately, accessibly, and frequently.

E Rasmussen

“Lovely product, easy and interesting to use

J Atkinson

I was interested to see how the tour could enhance a walk …I have to say it was excellent.

PT Cork

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