Great for

Forests, woodlands and reserves

Great for

Historic houses and gardens

Great for

Festivals, events and team building

Great for

City and town parks

Great for

Schools and citizen science


Near Home

Learn at Home

Do you manage local amenities that would benefit from tours, games and information e.g. community trails, town and local parks?

At Play

Learn at Play

Do you organise fairs or festivals? Do you want to bring the wondrous nature of your site to life for visitors, for kids and adults.

Far Away

Learn Away

Do you manage areas that cater for visitors, e.g. national parks/reserves? Do you need a method to relay information to visitors?


Our tours and games are great to inform visitors about an area, highlight walking, cycling or driving trails, teach people about nature in a fun competitive way, show where the local amenities are or even offer some local history. They are great for one-off events too, like local fairs and festivals.

Contact us at info@wilderwander.com to chat about creating affordable bespoke tours in your own location with your own data. Alternatively, we can access lots of data and create the content for you, just tell us where you would like it to be created!

1. Project Plan

We meet and discuss project needs for your location. Who are your current users? What information do you want to share? Do you want to target new users? We develop a project plan to create information products specifically for your needs.

2. Tour Development

With the project plan, we source and create content specifically for your location. This might include information from local groups, scientific campaigns or historic sources. With your users and information needs to the forefront, we develop your bespoke tours.


3. Tour Goes Live!

We first test and then operationalise the tours. We also offer a marketing campaign to help you promote the new trail information products. We keep you up-to-date with user statistics and user feedback so you know who is on the trail and when.

Suitable for

  • City and town parks, playgrounds
  • Forest, woodland, parks and reserves
  • Historic houses and gardens
  • Festivals, events, team building
  • Schools and citizen science


  • Update information as needed
  • No need for new information boards
  • Entertaining and engaging for users
  • Increase footfall in key locations
  • No additional resources, users use own devices
  • Most importantly, tours work offline. All maps and content can be downloaded so tours are accessible even if there is no phone signal!

Email info@wilderwander.com or message us below