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(These questions relate to the use of the Wilder Wander App)

 What is the Wilder Wander App?

The Wilder Wander App is an App which takes raw scientific data and adds value to it by creating information for specific sites. These could include e.g. walkways, urban parks or wilderness areas.

How do I download the Wilder Wander App?

Visit the iOS/Android stores, search for Wilder Wander and download the App for free.

What is on the App?

Tours, games and educational resources are accessed via the App. The games and tours will change regularly e.g. a game may be available for a week or over a season. Tours will be available for longer.

Do I pay to use the App or access tours?

The App is free to download off the App Stores and we aim to make every tour totally free for users so that they can learn about the wonderful world all around them in order to protect it for future generations! Schools subscribe to access training content.

How do I access tours from within the App?

Use the multiple search options e.g. search name, thematic category (game, tour, other), secret or preloaded tours from within the App. Use the ‘Nearby’ map to see what is available within a short distance. Start or preload tours on the App.

Do I need GPS and Audio?

Enable your GPS so that you can follow the location-based tours, although you may not require GPS for some of them. Please note that the App may make sounds and contain audio files, so turn up the sound, or turn it down, depending on your preference!

Can I use the App offline/without a SIM card?

The App will work without an internet connection/SIM card, just preload the tours or content you are interested in while you have a WIFI connection and start them once you get to the site of use. Everything will work from the App while you are offline (e.g. maps, quizzes) if preloaded.

Can I pause a tour and restart it at another time?

You can pause the tour from the sidebar menu and restart it later.

Where is Wilder Wander data stored?

The servers are located in German high-performance data centres in Karlsruhe/Frankfurt am Main and all obligations relating to General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR) are adhered to (more on data privacy here).

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