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Ferns Heritage Walking Tour, Co. Wexford


Length: 2.4 km

Estimated Time: 90 minutes

Suitability: It’s all about history, from 8+

Difficulty: Easy walk, some grassy areas and steps

Transport: On the bus route for public transport

Parking: Car parking spaces in Ferns

Click here for Directions

Ferns Heritage Walking Tour, Wexford. Ancient Capital of Leinster, the seat of Kings, Knights and Saints!

This heritage tour takes you through thousands of years of history with visits to castles, graveyards and churches. Learn about the importance of Ferns in Irish and world history.

Tour starts by the bus stop.

Access Tour on the map below

    • Start at Point 1 below 
    • You can click from point to point from your sofa or you can take the tour on the ground (turn on your GPS if you are on the ground and use the bullseye symbol on the map to locate yourself)
    • Turn on your sound to get the best out of the tour

    Access Tour on the map above or on the App

      • Download the ‘Wilder Wander’ App from the App Stores and install it.
      • Turn on your GPS and turn up your sound!
      • Click FIND/CATEGORIES/TOURS and open ‘Ferns’ tour from within the App.
      • Take the tour straight away or preload the tour from a WIFI spot. It works perfectly when offline!

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