Oulart Hill, Co. Wexford


Length: 2.2 km

Estimated Time: 60 minutes

Suitability: An walk by fields and in woodland, suitable for all ages

Difficulty: Easy walk

Transport: Private transport

Parking: Lots of parking at the start of the walk

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A most historic and scenic location.

View the vast panoramas which explain Oulart Hill’s strategic military significance and why it was the site of the most influential battle of 1798.

Listen to famous songs and walk in a lovely woodland. A stunning Wander!


Tour is coming early 2019! 

Access Tour (Tour coming Soon!)

    • Download the ‘Wilder Wander’ App from the App Stores and install it.
    • Turn on your GPS and turn up your sound!
    • Click FIND/CATEGORIES/TOURS and open the ‘Oulart’ tour from within the App.
    • Take the tour straight away or preload the tour from a WIFI spot. It works perfectly when offline!

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Tour coming early 2019!